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Our Planning Process

We follow a strategic five-step financial planning process that allows us to better understand your current situation and to best plan for your ideal financial future.

Our financial planning philosophy ensures that your specific situation and requirements are taken into account. Each step is important to the overall process, and your input and understanding is crucial.

1. Engage

We discuss and explore your personal goals, priorities, and requirements, gathering necessary and relevant information regarding your current financial situation. We explain our planning process and the approach used to create a singular, specific plan designed for you.

2. Analyze

Our team examines your financial documentation and reviews the objectives and priorities you outlined for us. From there we develop the recommended investment strategies and create a plan structure that will place your finances on a path to your personal goals.

3. Strategize

Together we shape your plan in a collaborative process, reviewing options and determining the specific solutions based on your input and preferences. The path is finalized, and your plan is ready for implementation.

4. Structure

We set the plan in motion, supplying all necessary and requested information for your records and providing updates on account transfers and investment acquisitions. We review statements and set up online access to your accounts.

5. Maintain

With your plan working for you, our conversation continues. We provide updates and schedule periodic portfolio and plan reviews. Ongoing educational opportunities allow you to explore and ask questions. And, most importantly, as your life changes and your priorities evolve, we work with you to make the necessary adjustments to your plan.

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