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How We Can Help You

We begin by listening… Asking questions and really listening to your answers is the best way we can understand your financial needs.  We’ll inquire about your personal objectives and financial goals, and explain how our process can help you work towards them. 

Next, we will outline your current financial situation to ensure that our new partnership will enable you to plan for your financial future.  Through our structured process of evaluating current assets, debt and future plans, you are encouraged to share your thoughts and investment strategies, and most importantly, your willingness or hesitation to absorb risk.

The planning process is completed by putting together strategic recommendations that form a comprehensive financial plan specific to your personal financial situation.  Once the plan is complete, we take the time to clearly explain what is being recommended and why.

Implementing your decisions is one of the most important ways in which we can help our clients.  Whether it is a complex investment approach or simple savings plans, we will help you follow through and implement your plan. 

And we don’t stop there.  Life situations change and it is critical to review and update your plan to remain on track while working towards your goals. We will schedule periodic reviews to monitor the adjustments needed so that your financial plan moves towards meeting your goals.

We are your partner throughout the process. 

Our Process

At Northeast Planning Associates, we’ve created a planning process that provides you, the client, with a comprehensive plan tailored to your specific goals, aspirations, and dreams, using our knowledge as financial advisors, the support of our affiliated partners and collaborating with your other professional advisors.

We create the plan with you:  your input and understanding is critical to each step along the way!  This ensures that your specific situation and requirements are understood and reflected in the structure and maintenance of your financial plan. 

Understand & Define

In many ways this is the most important part of any planning process. We need to understand and explore your life priorities, requirements, and goals, from both a financial and a personal perspective. This part of our process is integral to making appropriate recommendations that will form the unique, personalized plan we will design and present to you.


Based on your financial situation, objectives and priorities you provide to us through documentation and discussion, we identify investment strategies and products for an overall plan structure that creates a path to your personal goals.


We present our recommended strategies to you and together we shape your plan, reviewing and analyzing presented options, and weighing your input and preferences. This forms the structure of your plan and gives us what we need to implement it.


Once you agree on your plan design, we proceed with the necessary changes to your existing accounts and investments, open new accounts or purchase other investment products as necessary to implement your financial journey.

Monitor & Communicate

Your plan is now in place and working for you, but it doesn’t end there. We monitor it; we suggest changes, as needed due to shifts in your life priorities or circumstances, the market, or the economic environment; we will keep you up-to-date on opportunities or changes that you may want to explore. We will meet with you periodically to review your portfolio and plan. In addition, we are always available to answer questions or concerns. There will be periods of time that not much changes in your life but we recognize that life events happen and when they do, we are there to support you and adjust your plan accordingly.

High Tech equals High Touch

We understand that your schedule and your time are precious.   It is crucial that your account and investment information is available to you on your timeline and that it is simple to access and easy to use.  We have you covered with our Service Suite available 24/7/365 on our website,  The Service Suite can be accessed from the top of any page in our site, connecting you immediately with your accounts, view your financial plan and your risk tolerance results. It is our goal to continuously update the features of this section, making sure to stay up-to-date with our ever-changing technological times.